In Como, an apartment all about light and collectible design. Redesigned by a couple of gallery owners, it is located inside a legendary condominium: the Novocomum by Giuseppe Terragni, an icon of Italian Rationalism. Io Donna, 20.02.2021Text by: Lia FerrariPhotos: Christian Schaulin | Living InsideProduction: Kerstin RoseRead More →


The lines that cross the space respecting imaginary symmetries express a harmonious, sometimes algid, sense of beauty, like a postmodern scenography that lends itself to being experienced, an eulogy to minimalism to be lived in everyday life. An approach that has distant origins, when the objects of living were not permeated by the philosophy of disposability, which then spread from the beginning of the of the 1980s. Those who lived through that golden age and got used to an aesthetic that is not at all obvious yet functional, cannot forget. From this idea Demosmobilia was born, a gallery specialized in the design of the twentiethRead More →

Triennale Museum Milano, Until 18 April 2021

Enzo Mari Curated by Hans Ulrich Obrist with Francesca Giacomelli Enzo Mari leaves us with an exhibition that documents his more than 60 years of activity. He is one of the main masters and theorists of Italian design. The exhibition project is divided into a historical section and a series of contributions by international artists and designers – Adelita Husni-Bey, Tacita Dean, Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster, Mimmo Jodice, Dozie Kanu, Adrian Paci, Barbara Stauffacher Solomon, Rirkrit Tiravanija, Danh Vo, Nanda Vigo, Virgil Abloh for the special mercahandising project – invited to pay tribute to Mari through site-specific installations and new works commissioned for the occasion. Nanda Vigo’sRead More →

Come visit us in our new location !!!

We are in a New Location and we start a new wonderful life. We are very close to the old address (only 300 meters away) and we are always in an old converted industrial factory.The space is magnificent!!!Come and visit us!!!We are waiting for you to dream together. xxxDemetrio + Christian + VeruskaRead More →

Massimo Adario Architetto

Piccola, ma unica, la casa di vacanza dell’architetto Massimo Adario si apre alla vista del Golfi di Napoli e Ischia. Elaborato in chiave grafica, il panorama ispira un progetto architettonico e decorativo originale.Read More →

Vitra Design Museum. Until 18.04.2021

Gae Aulenti is one of the most influential architects and designers of the post-war period. As early as the 1960s, her iconic creations – such as her »Locus Solus« series (1964), the »Pipistrello« (1965)Read More →

Francesca Neri Antonello Interior Landscape

Nel suo primo libro Francesca Neri Antonello invita a entrare nel proprio mondo estetico. Si racconta attraverso storie di architettura che s’intrecciano con la propria memoria, con i valori del passato e lo sguardo al prossimo presente.Read More →

Reseach Archives Tool

Archivio Borsani Varedo Situato all’interno della villa Borsani a Varedo, l’Archivio storico contiene tutti i progetti originali di Osvaldo Borsani, i disegni giovanili, le testimonianze epistolari dei suoi rapporti con i più noti artisti, architetti e esponenti della cultura italiana del ‘900.Read More →

Reseach Archives Tool

Gio Ponti Archives The Gio Ponti Archives are located in premises that were Gio Ponti’s office, the building he designed and lived in on Via Dezza 49, Milan.Read More →

The new encyclopedic publication on 200 years of furniture design

In November 2019, the Vitra Design Museum publishes the »Atlas of Furniture Design«, a new comprehensive overview on the history of modern furniture design.Read More →

Massimo Adario Architetto

Un colto e originale omaggio dell’architetto Massimo Adario a Venezia e alla sua storia artistica che continuamente si rinnova con le Biennali. Un progetto che cita Carlo Scarpa ed esplora l’arte contemporanea.Read More →