Borsani Varedo Archive

Located inside Villa Borsani in Varedo, the Historical Archive contains all of Osvaldo Borsani’s original projects, his youthful drawings, the epistolary evidence of his relationships with the most famous artists, architects and exponents of Italian culture of the 20th century.

There are more than ten thousand projects and drawings and more than a thousand photographs of Osvaldo Borsani’s activity, of which this site reports only a part. The Archive is also the only institution authorized to certify the authenticity of Osvaldo Borsani’s work.

It can be visited by reservation only, it is located in via San Michele, 1 in Varedo and can be reached by train from Cadorna Station in Milan with the Ferrovie Nord through the line S4 direction Camnago up to Varedo station, in about 20 minutes.

line S4 direction Camnago up to Varedo station, in about 20 minutes.

Since April 1, 2017, the Osvaldo Borsani Archive has been providing a service for research, certification and authentication of Osvaldo Borsani’s designs. The service is aimed at collectors, auction houses, and sector operators. The certifications issued are authenticated, unique and irreproducible and refer exclusively to projects by Osvaldo Borsani and collaborators within the Arredamenti Borsani Varedo and Tecno production. No certifications are issued concerning any artistic interventions in the realizations. The cost foreseen for the research, independently from the result, is €.100,00 plus VAT. The tariffs foreseen for the release of the certifications are €. 300,00 per piece of furniture or single piece of furniture, €. 400,00 per piece of furniture with artist’s intervention and €.500,00 per homogeneous group of furniture (i.e. furniture of a complete dining room). In case of positive result of the researches, the cost of the researches will be deducted from the indicated costs.

If the documentation preserved in the archives allows it, it is possible to request a bibliographical certification that includes historical notes, A4 reproductions of original drawings and photographic images. The costs for this kind of bibliographic certification are €.800,00 per piece of furniture or single piece of furniture, €.900 per piece of furniture with an artist’s intervention and €.1000,00 per homogeneous group. For requests concerning projects or furnishings of particular value, a specific estimate will be proposed.

At the request of certification please attach an image of the object of good resolution and possibly set on a homogeneous background. The image will be reproduced on the certification document.

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