Our Team

Demosmobilia is a small team, come and meet us, we will accompany you in your research and your needs:

Demetrio Zanetti a great connoisseur of historical design, he officially founded demosmobilia in 1995, after a decade spent walking the stages of Italy as a theatrical actor collecting design objects to satisfy his innate passion for beauty.
» You find Demetrio at the +41 79 337 0459 (also on WhatsApp)

Veruska Gennari grew up with a passion for the aesthetics of objects, after a first life in Graphic Design she is now dedicated solely to historical design, the furnishing of your homes and the production of small Capsule Collections of limited edition furniture.
» You find Veruska at the +41 79 240 3628 (also on WhatsApp)

Christian Bamert a life for music and football, his primary great passions, cultivates kindness and is our indispensable right-hand man, always attentive to clarity,  he communicates in an essential and clear way  that will help resolve all your doubts.
» You find Christian at the +41 78 745 5126 (also on WhatsApp)


Demosmobilia Design Gallery and Depot is in Morbio Inferiore viale Lungo Breggia 11a (Chiasso) Switzerland, at the exit of the A2, the highway connecting Europe.

We are 30 minutes north of Milano, 2 hours south of Zurich or just 20 minutes from Lugano.
We occupy a fascinating industrial space easily equipped with parking spaces, which is very easy to reach.