• Masterful Things
    In Como, an apartment all about light and collectible design. Redesigned by a couple of gallery owners, it is located →
  • The twentieth century defines the Future
    The lines that cross the space respecting imaginary symmetries express a harmonious, sometimes algid, sense of beauty, →
  • Enzo Mari
    Enzo Mari Curated by Hans Ulrich Obrist with Francesca Giacomelli Enzo Mari leaves us with an exhibition that documents →
  • New location
    demosmobilia News
    We are in a New Location and we start a new wonderful life. We are very close to the old address (only 300 meters away) →


Demosmobilia is a one-of-a-kind shop which specializes in vintage and original Mid-Century Modern design objects. We provide distinctive design objects, built and designed to last, and designer furniture that will give character and uniqueness to your home. The furniture produced in the past century, ages well like a good wine does, and reusing respects the environment. We believe that a well lived life means to surround yourself with beauty. We work hard (and happily!) to offer you a collection of quality furniture, lighting and decorative accessories which are rich in character that you won’t find anywhere else, at an affordable and correct price. We keep in circulation objects of the past because we believe that without memory there is no present and our ethical approach is an indispensable piece to improve the future of the world and the environment. Our passionate Demetrio Zanetti searches the world to find new design objects, and our team will follow you throughout the purchase process and the items you chose will be delivered directly to your home. New pieces and new stories are added all the time, so come and visit us often; there is always more to explore!
Whether you’re new to design or you’re already an expert, whether you’re shopping for yourself or a client, whether you need to rent for your advertising set, our constantly evolving collection has something for everyone.
We buy, restore, sell, rent 20th Century furniture and furnishings.