The lines that cross the space respecting imaginary symmetries express a harmonious, sometimes algid, sense of beauty, like a postmodern scenography that lends itself to being experienced, an eulogy to minimalism to be lived in everyday life.

An approach that has distant origins, when the objects of living were not permeated by the philosophy of disposability, which then spread from the beginning of the of the 1980s. Those who lived through that golden age and got used to an aesthetic that is not at all obvious yet functional, cannot forget.

From this idea Demosmobilia was born, a gallery specialized in the design of the twentieth century, which since ’95 gives new life to pieces of the past which have become unique, authentic rarities that return to their original beauty.

An idea is always supported by the thought and the will of individuals. In this case it is the experience of Demetrio Zanetti, nowadays an antiquarian by profession as well as an expert restorer, who started a story that is, in fact, the summary of his experiences from the Sixties to today. Born across the Italian Switzerland border, he has travelled the length and breadth of Italy to then go out and discover the the planet in pursuit of his dreams. Musician, performer, student of Dams in Bologna in the years in which Umberto Eco and other great teachers illuminated the classrooms of the Institute of Disciplines of Communication. He grew up in an era in which postmodernism was dictating the law in theater and in the art world. From these experiences was born his worldview.

“We love design, beauty and good living, the goal is to live this passion while respecting the planet”, this is the slogan that welcomes those who enter Demosmobilia in their recently renovated space in Chiasso, in the south of the Italian Switzerland, just 30 minutes from Milan and Lugano and two hours from Zurich.

The gallery, a large dazzling white Hall illuminated by large glass windows, welcomes pieces of furniture returned to their original beauty thanks to the meticulous care with which Demetrio himself and his staff restore them in the laboratory, a treasure chest of treasures that are waiting to be taken care of and then end up in the main salon and, of course, online. In fact, it has been a long long time ago, before the lockdown prevented the free circulation, that Demosmobilia focused on the web where periodically the catalog of available pieces and new arrivals is updated to be

sent to the addresses of enthusiasts looking for pieces signed by leading designers and today otherwise unobtainable.

“The requests — explains Zanetti – arrive from all over the world: it’s the images that speak for themselves, because we take care of every detail, and everything is perfect, from the gasket to the color, always respecting of the original.”

By putting back into circulation the beautiful things which were created in the past century, Demosmobilia tries to contribute to the realization of a more eco-sustainable future. Here you can find iconic objects and furniture by great designers and architects alongside works by unknown or minor authors all to be enhanced and discovered. We wish to share our historical knowledge and thus spread design. The twentieth century was a moment of great creativity – not yet outdated – from which all contemporary designers still draw inspiration.

Text by: Ugo Cennamo © RIPRODUZIONE
Published by: Il Resto del Carlino, La Nazione, Il Giorno