Triennalle Milano Permanent exhibition

In the spaces of Sala Sottsass, on the second floor of Triennale Milano, the central core of Ettore Sottsass’s Casa Lana has been reconstructed and is on permanent display. An interior of a private residence that the great architect and designer designed around the mid-1960s in Milan, imagining to create « a little square in which one turns and meets. » The arrangement of the room and its philological reconstruction were the subject of an important collective work, an in-depth study by the archive and restoration laboratory of Triennale Milano, in which Luca Cipelletti, who oversaw the arrangement in the space, and Christoph Radl, who oversaw the art direction of the project, among others, participated. The project is in collaboration with Studio Sottsass and support Barbara Radice Sottsass.

Triennale Milano